DB Tops
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Zephyr Mini




The HV2

A multi-layered top inspired by bees

and their incredible hives...


3D Printed      Stainless Steel

Each top is constructed layer by layer with a 3d printer. After printing they are spun and polished on the lathe for accuracy. Finally the ruby bearing is pressed in for an incredibly smooth and accurate spinning tip. This amazing process allows us to explore impressive and complicated shapes. Shapes like the HV2, with a complicated inner design encapsulated within the outer layer... a design that truly showcases the capabilities of 3D printing.

The Zephyr

An air powered spinning top that

can start hands free...


Air assisted
 spinning tops...

The air assisted spinning trick has become my signature over the last few years with designs like the Tornado Top and the Zephyr. It's a fascination of mine that has turned into passion and you will find that many of my designs spin faster as you blow over them. There is something uniquely fun about spinning a top hands free, a top like the Zephyr never really needs to be touched. A swift breath of air gets it started from a stand still easily.

Tornado Top

The one that started it all...